Posts: Freedom in Tech, Is It a Hopeless Battle?

Welcome to For the first post I wanted to discuss something that deeply interests me: the philosophy of technology. Recently there's been a resurgence in anti-tech thought, with a certain antagonism towards tech has ensnared many. In the modern age, with surveillance so prevelant, how can we hope to have privacy? With backdoors like the Intel Management Engine, ARM Trustzone, and others, how can we hope to have security? With internet conglomerization happening at an astounding rate how can we have freedom of speech?

As the old saying goes, technology is a double edged sword. The same technology that enables our oppression can be the same that can liberate us. Just as colonized peoples were able to overthrow their colonial masters with the advent of modern weaponry, we too can overthrow the botnet with modern tech. Never before has storage been so afforadable, internet speeds so fast, free and open source software so prolific. The potential for self hosting, for decentralization, has never been greater.

Want to fight the system? Start a website. Build a home streaming server. Set up a community mesh network. Whatever it may be, remember: decentralize.

Decentralize. Decentralize. Decentralize.