Posts: 4-25-2021

Welcome to the first dated post. These will be used mostly to chart my progress on individual projects I'm working on, or give my thoughts on miscellaneous topics.

Antennas for High-speed Amateur-radio Multimedia Network (HamNET) in Europe, part of the AMPRNet


Recently I've been doing some extensive preparation to get a functional amateur radio network up in my local area. Depending on how successful it is, I'll consider growing it. Consider how slow AX.25 is, I found a recent project called New Packet Radio (NPR) which promises up to 500kbps, a significant improvement over the 1200bps of AX.25. The modems came in recently and I'm waiting on the antennas and the DMRs. Let's hope 20w over UHF will be able to make the 3 mile hike to other node.

Coming Soon...

I'll be setting up some more services on the website soon, an XMPP and likely a Mumble server. Stay tuned.

- g